Monday, April 28, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

playing around with Wolverine

Here is a close up of the painted head
This is just a snippet of the image I'm working  ( so yes there is more to this piece than just a head hahaha ). On the last two pieces I started I didn't finish them ( yet... Maybe I'll go back to them) . The goal on this one is to do a bust shot I'll explain further my idea of the sketch when I upload the painting. I was remembering my comic days and started drawing this image then I realized I only needed the skeleton for the painting and I guess I was also curious to see if I added more detail if this would help my painting any... I guess it might the more you have the less you have to think of oh well on to painting. Honestly I think I really wanted to draw but got bored to quickly.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wonder Woman

I've been wanting to do Wonder Woman for some time now I probably could have pushed this the colors in this piece some more but sometimes less is more I guess. I remember on the old Wonder Woman TV show the wipes for the the show were the stars  and this image I wanted to do an homage to the show and the comic thus the stars and the comic like layout, a little Linda Carter in the eyes a little shout out  to the comic version ( in style ) and the show and hopefully I got the right mix, hey... I like the amalgam. I had to repaint the face about 10 times !!!! but once I finally got what I was looking for I was able to move on to the other stuff. I was also stressing  about how to do her lasso  then it hit me do it in Photoshop ... uh ... not telling you HOW I did it unless you really want to know hehehehe.  ( 95 % of this image was done in Painter and the other 5 % in Photoshop).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Space Ghost

Okay here it is .... I've always wanted to do Space Ghost and he was one of my favorite Saturday morning line up heroes, so hey I threw it out there and gave it a shot .... AND YEAH I Know this is not the traditional Space Ghost but I saw another artist do his take on SG and liked it so much it inspired me to do this version. Im not as happy with it as I thought I would be, I'm still attempting to learn how to paint the human form BUT HEY I'M HAVING FUN WHILE I'M LEARNING I'll keep working at it. Ha ! They normally look pretty good small but these are probably better viewed enlarged. well on to the next one.

Someone ask to see a closer version of the head? Here it is ... I did a version where light was reflecting onto the black but I think I like the stark black better for some reason, It reminds me more of Space Ghost. but I thought I'd put both up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jedi Assassin

Gatick Geed'Gak

Having worked on the Star Wars team At Hasbro I remembered seeing this Praying Mantis creature and when giving the challenge to create a Jedi Assassin I thought of this character and thought it might be cool to come up with my own version of an alien from that race... I didn't realize the original villain was female which made it even cooler when I found out the creature I was creating was also. the challenge was to create a star wars character it must be original, FEMALE, and a Jedi Assassin I got excited thinking I was going to get a chance to do a Jedi.... well ANYWAY... I thought praying mantis are mean little ( and Looking) creatures so I thought Gatick Geed'Gak... hired Assassin but make her really big ... She's run into Jedi before and lost a part of her right wing to a formidable advisory, the Jedi that did it??? not as lucky , it only persisted to really tick her off and she is one Yam'rii you don't want to tick off. Although I did not draw her weapons she wears energized gauntlets capable of reflecting a light saber, but her true ability exist in her blinding speed and size this is what makes her a worthy opponent , be sure you don't lose , because you may become dinner for Gadtick.

~The original character~

Kitik Keed'kak

was a female Yam'rii, also known as Huk from the planet Huk. She had a bad temper and could be made angry very easily. She was amazingly strong given her tiny frame and was known for her stealthiness. Keed'kak was also very good with technology. Her diet consisted of meat and eggs.

She was in Chalmun's Cantina, and followed Sai'torr Kal Fas outside, hoping she would lead her to her nest. Keed'kak was friends with Swilla Corey.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Rhino

These figure paintings work better than the heads for you Mr. jereboam jump HEHEHE.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


MAN  I didn't realize this stuff could be this draining when you are not feeling well, I'm trying to get out of the timidity  of doing the human form, the guys in my link make this stuff look like a walk in the park... MAN!!! okay .... need some rest now wouuuugghhhhh!!!!

Ugo Girl Randy and Me

Wasn't feeling to well but I still wanted to paint something so I grabbed a piece from Randy Green and painted it in painter.