Friday, June 26, 2009


Here in this image I just wanted to show how the light and shadows are going to (or supposed to) work on this image... I wanted the viewer to see Kendel in the woods as if he is looking for his enemy, and the reader is looking through the trees at Kendel and have this feeling of ... KENDEL LOOK OUT, BEHIND YOU!!! ( am I spelling his name right?) The character behind him is Clan the TinGuh. I like the way this is heading so far. Im going to like it even better when it's colored... Now the scary question is ... should I ink it... this thing took forever... I actually can see where i have slowed down a bit from not drawing comics in a while. ~D~


Friday, June 19, 2009


I have decided... Im always sketching and drawing and something, most of it I can't show because of NDA's and all that good stuff... But I've decided that Im going to let you guys in on what I'm doing. sighhhhhh here it goes.. I have decided to do a comic based off a TV show Im working on along with a few other talented people. Those who know me , know that is where I got my roots WELL I GOT REALLY BOTHERED BY THE COMIC INDUSTRY!!!! (calm down ~D~) and I pretty much quit comics... LONG STORY SHORT... Im back to work on a personal property and I'll start up loading a few images here and there to let you guys see the progress HEY some of you may even be interested in jumping on board to help out hehehe ANYWAY this is the thumbnail for the cover I'm working on now... Im thinking of doing a trade paperback instead of a straight comic BUT HEY we'll see... where it goes. If you guys wanna give your input along the way I'll be listening Thanks in advance. OHHH by the way ANDREW MANGUM FIGHT THIS THING THATS TRYING TO FIGHT YOU AND JUST KNOW THAT IM DEDICATING This First Issue to YOU MAN!!!! ~D~