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Friday, August 27, 2010


Needed to take a break from other things for an hour or two and at the same time pull together some new portfolio pieces. I got inspired by seeing Bryan Hyberlin painting some creatures so I took a break and tried one myself, you may recognize this guy from this blog. I'm pretty happy with this one.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010


HAD to work off some stress last night  just do something for me and this is what popped out. I'm trying to get past the nerves of painting in Photoshop HUH!!! and just to get back to painting period!

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another concept

concept piece

This is a mix of Phtoshop , Illustrator and traditional.

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Just playing around in Photoshop

I think I may have found a new painting program BUt I may need a different wacom tablet than what I have now. Didn't really get to take it as far as I wanted to  BUT man Photoshop is a BEAST. I had been using it for other projects but not really painting... I just might play around more now... I've been so use to painter I was nervous to try anything in photoshop. I could have pushed some areas darker on this piece or done a few other things but I was just playing around to see IF I COULD do anything in PS... now I gotta try CS5 the new brushes are supposed to be impressive and a little more like painter, so far what I see makes me want to try it even more so now. ~D~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Omega Red

Not  really happy with this Omega red But I guess that's what sketching is all about. If I were going to actually draw it I think I would make him bulkier, yeah, especially in the face.

Spidey Sketching

This was a tiny sketch, like 2 inches... I haven't put up anaything in a while so I thought I would throw up the stuff I'm a loowed to show... Ive been doing some other stuff BUT just can't show it yet.

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This is a Character created by an ol comic friend of mine Scottie Watson, he asked me to do a pin up for his book and here it is... TALON 

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Now I have to admit  Im Not a DC fan... I've always been a Marvel fan BUT!!!! THAT JUSTICE LEAGUE HEAT!!!! crisis on two earths .... MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was dag on inspiring, it was a lot of fun to watch. I give it two thumbs up definitely!!! Wonder Woman was handing people their butts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I always hate the way my Wonder Woman drawings come out. There are total  of 3-4 I've ever done in my life time and I've only liked one of them... and that one I was like .. " it could be better... well this one is in that boat... There is something about this one I like and some things I don't... just don't know what it is yet.Oh well ... give me your thoughts on the image and your thoughts on J.L.c.o.t.e.

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Batman 571 page 4

Don't want to mislead anyone these pages are just for fun, Im trying to get the old comic muscles up and going again, I seem to have a bit of comic atrophied. Im thinking about sending them to DC comics however. your thoughts????

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Bane sketch

I think I wanna push it some more. Originally I had a different head  ( the Original bane mask design ) and did the sketch on the right. I liked it so I put it on the Body on the left... I keep looking at it and I  keep thinking something is missing... thoughts??? ~D~

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A Boy and his Dino

Your thoughts?????

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