Saturday, April 28, 2007

I had to get into the act

This was an old Iron man I did years ago I just wanted to play around with an Iron man so I painted this one and honestly was to lazy to draw a new one SORRY!!!! click on the image to enlarge

Friday, April 27, 2007

the Iron Man Movie Something I had nothing to do with BUT BOY I WOULD LOVE TO!!!

Please tell me that they are going to have the traditional Red and yellow one. There is a website But I don't know if its active yet I wonder when the movie is slated to hit? anyone know? the thing in the center of his chest looks weird coming through the t-shirt like that... However, nice rendition of the traditional Grey armor. well I guess this answers my question.... Courtesy IGN, we have the Stan Winston built suit for Iron Man. This is the first of many Iron Man suits the character Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) will wear in the movie. Its highly reminiscent of the suit that first appeared in “Tales Of Suspense” where Iron Man was first published. The more familiar ketchup & mustard flavored suit will still be in the movie.

Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man is due May 2008

s this image is attached to the up coming Jon Favreau Iron Man movie. Ok, I say upcoming because its slated to kick off the summer of '08 and I am already excited about it. The only bad part is, its not the final deal.

JoBlo reports:

...some costume ideas that were rejected by the folks making the movie, but not necessarily because they hated them. In fact, according to, even though they liked the design, and " some cases it paralleled what they were doing, it did not fit in with their overall direction. They're wanting to go in more of an Adi Granov design direction.
So they didnt reject this design because they are planning on doing something radical. They are not going to make a stupid looking Iron Man, or change the look completely =cough=Megatron=cough= so the purists can exhale.
Adi Granov has a cleaner, less detailed version of this design that they want to use. Personally, Id like to see it overly detailed as a "real" suit of armour that permits a man to fly and shoot EMP bursts from his palm would look like.

Honestly I'm Glad they didn't choose this one



Hey guys, feel free to upload some of your images or make comments, photos, pencils, inks, color, painting or sketches, if you want to show a friend feel free the more the marrier.


Here are some Bat-man images I had been playing with just something to keep the design skills sharp, I don't think this would be the one I would stop with it just happens to be the one I was playing in painter with. Earlier you may have heard me mention I'm going through a black period, For some reason I've been on this kick with shadows and dark backgrounds... YEAH, YEAH, I KNOW ... Build a bridge and get over it, I will... HOPEFULLY HEHEHEHE. back to Bat-man. the thought on these images is the idea to push the look of the character a bit... HEY, its for me it's not for a client this time, so I thought I would have fun. and of course the Bat-man is © and TM of DC comics so I'm not trying to infringe on any copyright laws just having fun. I started out with a head design as you'll see in blue and purple this is probably my favorite one, this one would be more likely to be used in a movie or something and the body version of BATSY is OK... It's a little to mushy in the shoulder pads for my taste, PLEASE bare with me I'm still learning this painting thing. JU challenged me to do a full body HAHAHA can you blame him most the stuff I've been doing is head studies, SO... it's time to break out of that for a while. The bat head with the red back ground was an attempt to do a different face the sketch was better in my opinion when I got to the nose it became a bit...BIGGER ... some how, but it (in my opinion) this is just a sketch with paint so I'm chalking it up for a lesson learned... I tend to get a little silly putty in some areas while I'm painting, I'm going to have to try and figure that out. As I'm looking at the pencil sketch now the nose WAS BIG THERE!!! no wonder it showed up in the painting ... I'm sure Ju will help me or one of you other talented painters that MAY hopefully frequent this blog.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trying some enviorment stuff

I was watching a tutorial that Julian a brother of mine sent me on Feng Zhu. If you are an artist and you want to strengthen your perspective, sit down and listen to his DVD ... MAN... The guy is phenomenal... my opinion... hes a mutant, with powers like that how you going to stop him. Well, anyway I decided to practice on my own stuff, I'm no where near his level YET, but one day!!! These are thumbnails probably much like you would see in story boards, so check it out, I was thinking about several different environments one was an attempt at something mid evil another was an approach on some kinda air transportation station. I was thinking... what if in the future instead of subways there were these above ground stations, and the last one was just a sketchy Feng approach on a city at ant's eye view and those are the images that have a purple look too it. NOW the blue one was a hanger of some kind with an opening inn the roof. the last two images I was inspired by a Disney movie and did these two warehouse shots. To be honest they are just sketches but MAN they were so much fun to do. If you are interested in the guy I'm talking about or the DVD you can see it here and this DVD doesn't do his work any justice check out his website, man this guys got skills.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Okay I know they are old just bare with me.

Don't let some of these images scare you, as you saw in my profile I Love Sci-Fi so my images may tend to run the gamut from super heroes to aliens as you will see in these images these recent images are me playing around in painter... I tend to work MORE in Photoshop but as of late I've become addicted to Painter (10). I'm still working at perfecting it ( which means it will take my life time to achieve) seeing that I'm always learning. I havent learned everything about painting.... Most of what I've learned I've learned from Julian Allen ( ), thanks MAN!!! I Bluv Blu!!!! I'm finding that I'm going to have to force myself to try new things in this media LIKE different back ground color.. HAHAHA I seem to be going through a black period, I have NO idea what that is about.


I'm putting up a few old images to date for anyone that may not know me this first image actually isnt an old image persay, but it is a recent one. I was watching Star Wars and saw this cool image of Yoda, so I said what they hey I've never drawn Yoda why not not. I love the saying " DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY" it's one of my favorite quotes and has become my personal battle cry when I enter into something new especially in the areas of art. I love art so for me if its something I love I shouldn't try it I should do it.

Welcome to Blog of the Emissary

Welcome all who enter here, I think I'll try keeping a blog and see how it works. I'm thinking that this might be a cool place to display some of my work, weather it be Photography, drawings sketches etc. So those who enter WELCOME!!!!